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14 rules

14 rules

Themes such as mutual respect, health, integration, growth and playing together are the central values. These themes are derived from the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff. They can be found on every Schoolyard14 and Cruyff Court in the world.

The 14 rules of Johan Cruyff are rules of conduct which should be followed and which everyone needs to hold each other to. Themes like respect, teamwork, creativity, and initiative serve as a guide to make children aware of their responsibility and how to interact with each other. A sign showing the 14 rules is on display at every Schoolyard14.

'I think it's important that children play together and that there are rules to follow. The children are playing much more together now. They are more active because there are more things for them to do. And I've also noticed that there are fewer conflicts on the schoolyard.'

Joke Buschgens, Director De Toermalijn in Cothen, The Netherlands. 

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