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About us


‘What can I do to get young people exercising?' This is the question that led Johan Cruyff to set up his own foundation. He realised that practising sport is not only fun and healthy, but also indispensable for the healthy development of any child. Young people cannot start doing sports soon enough. You only have one body, and it has to last you a lifetime. It is therefore only logical that sport and children have become the pillars of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, and that the foundation has a particular focus on children with disabilities. Since its beginning in 1997, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has grown to become an organisation that gets young people exercising and choosing a physically active lifestyle every day.

For many years, the Cruyff Foundation has been making the difference in the lives of young people with disabilities, and is putting sports within their reach. Each year, the Foundation invests €1.5 million in activities that enable over 500,000 children with disabilities to practice sports weekly.

Each year, many of them go on to our regular sports projects with the various clubs and teams with which we partner, not only on general sports training but in talent development for this special target group, like the project ‘Swimming without Borders’ in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation. Click here to read more about our projects for disabled young people.

We see many of these children at our events like the Wheelchair Sports Day and the Open Day. Read more about our events here.

There are now almost 180 Cruyff Courts worldwide (small sports pitches and courts in the neighbourhood, open to the public, giving children somewhere to play) where young people can play sports and games in their own neighbourhoods. Here, thousands of children are laying the foundation for good physical and more importantly social development every day. And the Cruyff Court also serves an important social function in the community. Sport is not only the goal, but also a means for introducing young people to themes like respect, health, integration, development, and playing together. All these themes are seen in the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff, which are displayed at every Cruyff Court in the world.

Along with these regular Cruyff Courts, there are now a further 25 special Cruyff Courts designed around the needs of young people with disabilities, set up at special schools and therapeutic centres. After all, it is for these children, who suffer from physical or mental disabilities, that sport is particularly important for quality of life. Read more here about the Cruyff Courts.

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